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Custom Albums

Our Prestige Custom Albums

Our albums handmade here on Long Island by one of finest album manufacturer and are among the finest albums available. Each page of the album is stitched into the crafted binding for long-lasting durability that will last for generations.

Peter M Budraits Photography Deluxe Custom Photo album


We offer a wide range of album sizes, shapes, and options to choose from. We feature reversible style albums so you don't have to turn the album to view images. You can have a horizontal print on one side and a vertical print on the opposite page.

Our most popular albums have either 12" x 12" pages to hold up to an 8" x 10" print or 8" x 8" pages to hold up to a 5" x 7" print. Any page may contain multiple images.


Peter M Budraits Photography 0026

 All of our albums can have silver, gold, or no gilding around the edges.

Peter M Budraits Photography 033


You may choose to have one or two lines embossed in the lower right corner. Custom lines are also available in the center.

Lettering may be "Block Type" or "Italic Type".  Your embossing may be in "Gold", "Silver", or "Branded" (without color). 


Album Cover 


Classic Mounted Albums

Each page in a mounted album have a mat, it is cut to reveal a silver or gold liner. The print is then mounted on top of the liner.

Page frames are available in white, ivory, black, or charcoal. (Ivory and black are the most popular!) 

Each page is stitched into the binding. 

Peter M Budraits Photography 059


Digital Flush Albums

Our Digital Flush Albums are an economical alternative to the mounted album. These albums are manufactured by the same company and have all the same qualities and features as our Mounted Albums. The difference is the print is mounted flush to the edge of the page and is not mounted on a liner within a page mat. To accommodate a square page and to highlight the image with the appearance of a mat, we typically create a "digital" mat that gives the very realistic appearance of an image within a mat. We often see people touching the print and bevel area to see if it is all actually a print or real matting! While our Mounted Albums present a beautiful, classic look, our Digital Flush albums allow us more creativity when designing custom pages.

 Peter M Budraits Photography 0023



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